PRO Flex
PRO Flex PRO Flex PRO Flex PRO Flex
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•Ecological and highly efficient: up to 94 % efficiency

•Industrial step grate technology for supervised firebed temperature

•Huge, self SPACE cleaning heat exchanger

•Long maintenance intervalls and cleaning intervalls

•Highest possible reliability through modular construction

•Industrial serial product with on-time delivery (availability)

•Possible on site assembly and installation performed by our specially trained installer

•Well thought-out safety management including burn-back-protection and temperature monitoring in the storage room

•Excellent quality and repeatedly tested parts

•Optimal availability of spare parts due to in-house production

•Big power indicator LED

•Simple use due to user-friendly touch-screen display

•External access via internet or mobile phone (optional)

•Automatic transport of the ash into the mobile ash container or fully automatic ash vaccuming system into a 200l ton (optional)

•Modular construction for easy transport and assembly

•Optimal spare parts availability through in-house serial production

•Error menu and separate component tests simplify error analysis and service

•Easy-access openings for service and maintenance work

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Manufacturer: Guntamatic