RVR Vacuum Collector
RVR Vacuum Collector RVR Vacuum Collector
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The RVR Solar HP Range of vacuum tube collectors are ideal for Irish and British latitudes due to their high efficiency.  The HP collectors are heat pipe type collectors in which the tubes transfer the collected energy to the circulating solar fluid.  The collectors are easy to transport and handle as the tubes can be disconnected from the manifold of the collector.

  •     Collects free solar energy and reduces dependence on expensive fossil fuels
  •     Good for the environment; Reduces emissions of CO2 and other pollutants
  •     Excellent value
  •     Heat Pipe technology means panel can be easily transported and then assembled on-roof
  •     Can be installed on-roof initially and have the tubes added later during commissioning

    Large Aperture Area
    High efficiency vacuum tube type collector
    Light weight; easy to install
    Very little maintenance required; Tubes are easily replaced if broken
    Solar Keymark certified to European Standard EN 12975

The HP20 Solar Collector is included in the Irish Greener Homes Scheme Registered Products List and is also certified under the UK Microgeneration Certification Scheme. This product is therefore grant eligible in Ireland and the UK.

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Manufacturer: RVR Energy Technology Ltd