Thermocold Multi Manager
The Thermocold Multi Manager is a centralized control system to manage the main functions and operating modes of a group of Thermocold heat pumps / chillers.

It is compatible with most Thermocold products (both air/water and water/water) and can handle up to 6 units of equal or different capacities/different types and for different system configurations. Control of backup units and integrated or external pump groups is also possible.

It provides convenient central control with high versatility. Thermal loads may be balanced between units for optimum load matching, efficiency and reliability.

Communication between the Multi-Manager system and each unit is performed via RS485 serial connection. A second connection is also available for Modbus communication with third-party BMS systems.

Applications include the control of:
  • Heat pumps
  • Chillers
  • Multi-pipe units (4 pipe)
  • Chillers or heat pumps with partial recovery
  • Chillers with total recovery
  • Chillers with Free-cooling

The Multi-manager supports:
  • “Simple” type systems (units of same type).
  • “Mixed” type systems (units of different type)
  • Systems with Backup Units.
  • Systems equipped with external pump group (On-OFF or Inverter).
  • Multipipe units for 4-pipe systems.
  • Balancing of operating hours of units
  • Balancing of operating hours of individual compressors
  • Control, activation and balancing of operating hours of water pumps.
  • Auto On/Off of the system.
  • Energy Saving & Dynamic Set point for the entire system
  • Optimization of water flow according to cooling/heating capacity provided by the system
  • Gradual start-up in critical conditions in order to limit electrical loads

Please see technical datasheet for unit code compatibility or contact us for further information.


Technical Datasheet

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