Case Study - Domino EXR heat pumps at Thomastown Health Centre

Thomastown Health Centre was built in 2021. The building provides an easy access point to local health services such as GPs, physiotherapy, public health nursing, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy services, dental services, and support for chronic illnesses, cardiac, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses.

This building has space heating and significant high-temperature water demands for sanitation purposes.

Two Thermocold Domino EXR 170 three-phase air/water heat pumps with a nominal capacity of 76kW each were installed. The high-temperature heat pumps have SCOP data available at 55°C, allowing the project to comply with building regulations and EPBD requirements.

The heat pumps are supported by two Immergas Victrix PRO 80kW natural gas boilers, which provide additional capacity when required -during peak loads in winter.  This hybrid heat pump/ boiler solution ensures a lower capital cost than a heat pump-only system.

Further information is in the case study below.

Download case study - Thomastown Health Centre

More information 

Thermocold is a leading European manufacturer of chillers and heat pumps. They were founded in 1995 and have their headquarters in Bari, Italy.  Thermocold is a subsidiary of Trane Technologies (formerly Ingersoll Rand Climate Division).

Thermocold provide a wide range of commercial heat pumps ranging from smaller capacities to very large models.  Four pipe and Six pipe options are also available, as well as a complete range of chillers.  Follow the link below to learn more.

Thermocold heat pump range