Immergas Ares Tec Commercial Gas Boilers

The Immergas Ares Tec range consists of 10 floor standing boilers in sizes from 150 to 900kW, suitable for single and cascade installation. Total capacities of up to 7.2 MW may be created in a cascade configuration. 

Exceptional Seasonal Efficiency

The modular design offers industry leading turndown levels of up to 40:1. This ensures excellent load matching in applications where part load operation is important – such as district heating systems, apartments, hotels, and other applications. The reduction in ON-OFF cycles results in significant energy savings in these applications.

Easy Installation

Ares Tec boilers are light and easy to move and have compact dimensions. Flue can be connected on any one of three sides. On models up to 350kW, the hydraulic connections can be made at either end.

High Reliability

The modular design of the Ares Tec offers excellent reliability. Should one module lock out or enter an error state, the load will be distributed between the other modules. This offers the reliability of a cascade installation in a single boiler. In addition, a separate in-built back-up controller provides further peace of mind.

Advanced Energy Saving Features

The Ares tec range support modulating pumps out of the box. By varying the pump speed to ensure that the return temperatures are kept as low as possible, flue gas temperatures are reduced and as a result boiler efficiency is improved. Weather compensation with hot water priority further optimises efficiency by controlling delivery temperature. Fine-grained modulation of the thermal elements to match system load also enhances efficiency.

Technical Information

Up to 8 individual Thermal Elements

The Ares Tec Range feature a number of modular "thermal elements". Each element includes premix modulating radiant burner, modulating gas valve, electronic ignition, NTC temperature probes, safety thermostats and flame sight glass. In boilers up to 350kW, each thermal element is 50 kW. In larger capacity boilers, 108kW thermal elements are used.


Advanced control strategies

The built in boiler control unit optimises efficiency by firing the maximum number of thermal elements at the minimum possible power. By constantly varying the heat output, the system will always have the maximum efficiency. When the power reduces, the power of each thermal element will be reduced to an appropriate level. If the required power is below than the sum of minimum thermal element outputs, some thermal elements will be switched off.

There is a daily rotation of thermal element sequence to ensure even thermal element running hours.

Modulating pump control

The Ares Tec range support 0-10V modulating pumps as standard. The boiler control unit constantly monitors the temperature difference (ΔT) between boiler flow and return. This information is used to control the modulating pump output by: increasing the pump flow-rate when the ΔT increases; and reducing the pump flow-rate when the ΔT decreases. The effect is to increase efficiency by ensuring that the return temperatures are kept as low as possible so that flue gas temperatures are reduced and as a result boiler efficiency is improved.


Flue and accessory options

Immergas Flue Kits are available for models up to 350kW. RVR can design and supply flue solutions in stainless steel and UV stabilised plastic for the full range. A range of accessories such as hydraulic separators and isolation heat exchangers is also available.

Features and benefits

  • Wide modulation range (up to 40:1)
  • High seasonal efficiency 
  • Compact dimensions 
  • Low Noise due to radiant burner 
  • IPX5D – suitable for outdoor installation (frost protection to -15 °C)
  • Good weight – power ratio
  • Low Water Content - fast response to heat demand
  • Integration of the electronic controls into a disappearing control panel
  • Flue discharge possible on 3 sides 
  • Standard flow/return hydraulic manifolds available
  • Fully premixed, radiant, modulating burners made of metal fibre
  • Insulation: synthetic non–allergic wool (50 mm)
  • Inbuilt Weather Compensation and Hot Water priority 
  • Command relay for control of a standard pump (fixed speed)
  • Analog output 0-10 V for the control of a modulating pump

More Information

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