Immergas launch newly expanded Magis Pro split heat pump range

Immergas, one of Europe's leading heating equipment manufacturers, have recently updated their Magis Pro family of split heat pumps to introduce new larger capacity models and three phase options.

There are four options available to suit any application. They are ideal for installation in new and retrofit houses and apartments.  Capacities range from 4kW to 16kW (4-6-9-12-14-16).

Magis Pro 4-9kW12-16kW 

The MAGIS PRO is a split type heat pump with compact outdoor unit and packaged indoor condensing/hydronic unit designed for use with a separate water heating cylinder.  It is an excellent retrofit option when replacing an existing gas boiler as it shares common dimensions, connections and pipe centres with Immergas boilers.

All the refrigeration and hydraulic components are built-in.  Refrigerant piping simply needs to be connected between outdoors and indoors along with a control cable.  The indoor unit is pre-configured to manage up to three heating zones and contains the expansion vessel and safety valve for heating, and three-way valve for connection to a domestic hot water cylinder.  The indoor unit has an easy to use LCD display with time control and an optional external remote-control panel is also available.  One of these may be mounted in each zone for temperature control, or a standard thermostat may be used if preferred.

Magis Hercules Pro 4-9kW12-16kW 

The MAGIS HERCULES PRO has all the same features as the Magis Pro but contains a packaged indoor unit with 235L cylinder and 40L buffer inside.

The Magis Hercules Pro is a great timesaver for installers as it contains all the components necessary to create a multi-zone heating system. It has a pre-plumbed flow & return distribution manifold which comes from the factory pre-configured for a single heating zone (one pump).  All that is required if additional zones are needed is to mount additional pumps.

Magis Combo / Combo Plus

The MAGIS COMBO V2 is a unique type of hybrid heat pump that provides heating and hot water using a combination of heat pump and gas boiler technology. It has all the great features of the Magis Pro but also contains a built-in 24kW condensing gas boiler (NG or LPG)

The Magis Combo is ideal for retro-fit in older homes with higher heat losses.  It provides all the benefits of a heat pump for the majority of the heating season, along with the traditional comfort of a gas boiler in the coldest of weather.  This is an excellent solution for use on existing radiators as the heating flow temperature can reach up to 80°C when necessary.

A smart auto-switching mode allows the Magis Combo to supply heat to the heating system using either the heat pump or boiler, always prioritising the heat pump first.

There are two versions of the Magis Combo:

The Magis Combo V2 4-9kW is a good solution where space is limited as there is no need to install a separate water heating cylinder. The gas boiler provides an ample supply of hot water instantaneously, on demand.  It is ideal for use in apartments or smaller homes, or when replacing a combi boiler.

The Magis Combo Plus V2 4-9kW has all the features of the Magis Combo but is designed for connection to a water heating cylinder. In the plus model, either heat source may provide water heating as required.

Note - 12/14/16kW Magis combo versions available Q3 2021

Common features

All models share the same technology and have similar features including:
  • Ability to manage up to three heating zones, which allows for great flexibility
  • Built in expansion vessel and safety valve.
  • ErP compliant low energy circulation pump
  • Built in control of hot water and legionella management.
  • Easy to use LCD display with optional remote zone controllers.

The Magis Pro family is easy to commission and service.  Having common technology across all four models offers the benefit of familiarity for installers and service technicians regardless of which model is chosen.

Please follow the links below for further information on the expanded range of Immergas Magis Split Heat Pumps.             

Magis PRO V2 Split Heat Pump 4-9kW Magis PRO V2 12-16kW
Magis Hercules PRO 4-9kW Magis Hercules PRO 12-16kW
Magis Combo (Combi boiler) V2 4-9kW  Magis Combo Plus (System boiler) V2 4-9kW

Note - 12/14/16kW Magis combo versions available Q3 2021