Industrial Heating

We provide a choice of gas-fired radiant or warm air heating solutions for heating large spaces such as warehouses, factories, distribution centres, workshops, hangars, churches and sports halls. 

Radiant Heating

A gas fired infrared heating system emulates the efficiency of the sun. The radiant heat travels directly to the floor, without having to heat the air in-between. This method of heating allows the source of heat to begin at floor not ceiling level. Once the infrared energy is absorbed by floors, machinery, stock and people, it is re-radiated to warm the surrounding airlarge buildings structures.

There are two options available:

  • Low intensity infrared radiant tube heaters provide superior design flexibility and energy efficiency in a multitude of applications.  These heaters are available with either single stage or two stage control options.
  • Unvented, high intensity heaters are ideal in applications of high air infiltration, high ceilings, and spot heating.

Warm air heating

Warm air heaters directly heat the air.  Heat is transferred by convection and the heaters create air movement to transfer heat to the people in the building. They offer a good solution in buildings which do not have a high rate of air change.  Radiant heating is preferred in spaces which have higher rates of cool air ingress.


More detail on individual solutions can be seen in the slideshow below.

Unvented Radiant Plaque Heaters - These direct fired, unvented radiant heaters are ideal for both spot heating in hard to heat buildings and general space heating in buildings which have sufficient ventilation. Learn More
Radiant Tube Heaters are available in single or two stage options and are a good option for general space heating. Learn More
Warm Air Heaters directly heat the air and are a good solution in buildings which do not have a high rate of fresh air change. Learn More