BMK Wood Log Gasification Boiler
BMK Wood Log Gasification Boiler BMK Wood Log Gasification Boiler
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The new generation BMK wood log gasification boiler is characterised by a long service life under demanding everyday conditions.  The hopper, made from high grade stainless steel, is exceptionally robust and generously sized.  This, together with automatic ignition, ensures a high level of user convenience.  The boiler can handle wood of varying quality.  Combustion is tolerant of varying levels of moisture content in hard and softwoods, as well as wood chip.
Cleaning is quick and straightforward.  There is a large ash box. 
  • Hopper made from high grade stainless steel
  • Fully insulated combustion zone
  • Variable heat exchanger output
  • Automatic hot air ignition
  • Combustion optimisation through Lambda probe
  • Automatically sustained embers
  • Easy-to-operate touchscreen with user prompts
  • Buffer logic with recharge indication
  • Long periods between recharging
  • Up to 94% efficiency

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Manufacturer: Guntamatic