Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi)
Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi) Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi) Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi) Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi) Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi) Immergas Magis Combo V2 R32 Hybrid (Combi)

The Immergas Magis Combo V2 is a hybrid split type air to water heat pump with integrated combi gas boiler.

The Magis Combo is available in 4, 6 and 9kW heat pump capacities and is suitable for use in many homes and apartments. It contains a highly compact outdoor unit and a packaged indoor condensing/hydronic unit with in-built 24kW combi boiler.

It is a good solution where space is limited as there is no need to install a separate water heating cylinder. An ample supply of water is available instantaneously, on demand.  It also extends the benefits of a heat pump to homes with a high heat loss indicator or those with radiators requiring higher flow temperatures than a standard heat pump can provide in colder weather.

The outdoor unit contains the heat exchanger, fan, four way valve and expansion valve. The refrigerant circuit must be connected to the indoor unit and filled prior to commissioning by your F-GAS registered installer. The Magis Combo V2 uses R32 refrigerant.

The indoor unit contains 24kW combi boiler capable of supplying up to 27.3kW of instantaneous water heating and 24kW of supplementary heating to the heating system during colder weather. The Magis Combo is capable of simultaneously delivering heat to the heating system using the heat pump while also instantaneously producing hot water using the boiler.

Weather compensation allows the heat pump to satisfy the heat demand during the majority of the heating season and the boiler provides the traditional comfort of gas in the coldest of seasons,

A smart auto-switching mode allows the Magis combo to supply heat to the heating system usine either the heat pump or boiler. It can be configured to switch between the two heat sources based on a combination of flow temperature and activation time (always prioritising the heat pump first), or on a fixed outdoor temperature switchover.

A flowmeter and water manifold, low consumption circulator, expansion vessel safety valve and 3-way valve, with the controller pre-configured for the management of up to three zones via an easy to use built in controller.

An optional external remote control panel is also available. One of these may be mounted in each zone, if desired.


  • Split type heat pump with internal condensing/hydronic unit and compact outdoor unit
  • Inverter driven rotary compressor offers excellent efficiency
  • Variable speed helicoidal three blade fan with brushless motor
  • In-built 24kW condensing combi gas boiler can provide heating flow temperatures up to 80ºC
  • Operates with outside temperatures as low as -10ºC
  • Can manage up to three heating zones (1 direct and 2 mixed)
  • Second mixed zone available as an option
  • ErP compliant low energy circulation pump
  • Built in expansion vessel and safety valve
  • Low maintenance and quiet operation
  • R32 refrigerant

Manufacturer: Immergas