MEX EXR heat pumps (23-38kw)
MEX EXR heat pumps (23-38kw) MEX EXR heat pumps (23-38kw)

The MEX EXR is a commercial three phase heat pump from Thermocold, a leading Italian manufacturer of chillers and heat pumps. Thermocold is a division of Ingersoll Rand.

The MEX EXR can deliver up to 65°C and is available in heating capacities from 23kW up to 38kW, and may be cascaded to provide larger capacities.  They are ideal for many commercial applications.

MEX EXR units are characterized by an extended operating map and are able to reach high outlet water temperatures even at very low outdoor temperature.  The ability to provide 65°C water at an outdoor temperature of -10°C allows operation year round with medium or high temperature heat emitters.

    The MEX EXR units are designed in compliance with the ErP Directive 2009/125/EC. Ecodesign compliant EN14825 data is available for low (35°C) and medium temperature (55°C) applications.


    • Scroll compressor optimized for heat pump operation with innovative vapor injection system.
    • Propeller type fans with Inverter technology.
    • Stainless steel AISI 316 brazed plate type condener complete with differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater.
    • Evaporator coils with seamless copper tubes and aluminium fins.
    • Electronic expansion valve
    • Advanced microprocessor control
    • RS485 communications card as standard]
    • Pump speed control function to optimise inlet temperatures
    • Reversible - can also provide cooling
    • Weather compensation

    A wide range of options and accessories are available including:

    • Soft start
    • Phase protection relay
    • Power factor correction
    • "Nordic kit" allows operation down to outdoor temperatures of-20°C
    • Enhanced fin coatings available for coastal installations
    • Additional trace heating frost protection
    • BacNET or Modbus LonTalk

    Manufacturer: Thermocold