Apartment Buildings

The choice of heating system for Apartment Buildings is influenced by several factors.

1. Fuel source

This will determine the selection of the primary heating equipment. The equipment will usually be either boiler or heat pump based. Energy sources could include natural gas, LPG, wood pellets, wood chip or electricity.

2. Energy Rating, CO2 emissions and Building Regulation Compliance 

These affect the selection of renewable energy technology. The use of renewable energy products is mandatory to meet Building Regulations. Possible options include Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Heat Pumps or CHP.

3. Heat Distribution and Metering

Individual gas boilers may be used in each apartment.  However, it is now more usual that  Heat interface units (HIU) will be installed for each consumer (apartment). The HIU  provides separation between the primary heat distribution system and the consumer system in each apartment. The HIU also provides heating of the domestic hot water and control of the central heating in each apartment. The HIU specification should meet BSRIA’s recommendations.

4. Metering and Billing

It may be necessary to meter heat consumption for each user. A heat meter may be incorporated in the HIU. Heat meters will need to be MID approved and a meter reading technology such as MBUS will also be necessary to allow remote meter reading. Linkage with a consumer billing system may also be required.


RVR Energy Technology can supply all of the essential components of an apartment heating system; This includes boilers, pre-assembled boiler house systems, heat interface units, heat pumps, water heating, solar thermal and PV, meter reading and billing systems.  More detail on individual solutions can be seen in the slideshow below.

Wall mounted or floor standing boilers are available in ranges from 35kW to 5MW.  Delivery can be in component form or as pre-packaged, modular plant, with our without isolation plate heat exchanger, pumps, gas and heat meters. Learn More
Boiler House equipment such as pumps and water pressurisation are available in component or pre-packaged form. We offer a range of solutions for any apartment building - for more information, please Contact Us
Water Heating Systems - we offer a range of single, twin coil, or combination type water heaters, heat exchangers and buffers.  These are available in component or skid mounted pre-packaged form.   Learn More
Air to Water Heat Pumps allow the capture of renewable heat from the ambient air using electricity. They are suitable for use in a hybrid system combined with another heat source.   Learn More
Heat Interface Units (HIU) are designed to provide heat exchange, metering and control for clients (apartments and houses) in a modern district heating system.  They are ideally suited to apartments with central plant.  They include options to suit any application. Learn More
Metering, Billing and Controls - We offer a full range of solutions for control, metering, multi-unit billing and the control and monitoring of plant in modern apartment buildings. For more information, please Contact Us
Solar Thermal - We offer a full range of solar solutions which can help provide Part L compliance in modern apartment blocks. Our range of large flat panel collectors is ideal for such applications, and we offer all ancillary components as required. Contact us for design advice. Learn More
Solar Photovoltaic - Our Solar PV range offers a green electricity generation option, and can provide a low-cost solution for meeting building regulations part L compliance in apartments and multi-unit developments. Learn More