Hotels, Nursing Homes and B&B

Commercial residential buildings need energy efficient systems for space and water heating.  Renewable electricity generation options are available also. The choice of equipment will depend on the available fuel source and the location of the property.

What we offer 

RVR Energy Technology has vast experience in the provision of modern energy efficient solutions.  Our products  backed by dedicated after sales service which is a must in this sector.


We can supply all of the essential components for your project; This includes boilers, pre-assembled boiler house systems, heat interface units, heat pumps, water heating, solar thermal and PV, meter reading and billing systems.  We can also help you with design including 3D modelling of plant layout.   More detail on individual solutions can be seen in the slideshow below.
Wall mounted or floor standing boilers are available in ranges from 35kW to 5MW.  Delivery can be in component form or as pre-packaged, modular plant, with or without isolation plate heat exchanger, pumps, gas and heat meters. Learn More
Boiler House equipment such as pumps and water pressurisation are available in component or pre-packaged form. We offer a range of solutions for any apartment building - for more information, please Contact Us
Water Heating Systems - we offer a range of single, twin coil, or combination type water heaters, heat exchangers and buffers.  These are available in component or skid mounted pre-packaged form.   Learn More
Air to Water Heat Pumps allow the capture of renewable heat from the ambient air using electricity. They are suitable for use in a hybrid system combined with another heat source.   Learn More
Metering and Controls - We offer a full range of solutions for control, metering and control of heating plant. For more information, please Contact Us
Solar Thermal - We offer a full range of solar solutions. Our range of large flat panel collectors is ideal for such applications, and we offer all ancillary components as required. Contact us for design advice. Learn More
Solar Photovoltaic - Our Solar PV range offers a green electricity generation option. Learn More